Deborah Seely

Poem about fireflies by Deborah Seely. 
October 14, 2020

Deborah has seen my Firefly Experience Video and became inspired to write this poem.


Blinking amber flashes.
Fireflies signal to
lovers in
a brilliant
bioluminescent call.

The staccato
calls of toads
and frogs create a
foil for the whisper of
the night breeze through
the tall grass and wildflowers.

An unseen creature
rustles the leaves
of the trumpet vines
and wild grapes
growing up the
stately trees;
long-time residents of the land.

Sublime perfume
of the impending
rain; redolent with
the scent of earth
drifts on the breeze.

Arcs of brilliant white
and yellow lightning fork
into the dark of the night
sky, silhouetting the clouds in
deep shades of dark purple


Thunder rolls
across the countryside,
temporarily drowning
out the rhythmic
ticking of the
crickets and cicadas.

the rain comes
continuation of
life, and the promise
of its tomorrow
when the fireflies will
once again rise in the dark.



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