Todd & Deb from Dallas, Glow-in-the-Dark artwork

My wife and I recently attended an art show in Deep
Ellum, Dallas TX... a place know for art & artists of all
kinds because it was a beautiful day to stroll around
and we were looking for the perfect art piece that
would occupy the most prominent place in our house.
We stopped at several booths and were very
impressed with the beauty and quality of the art in
general, when suddenly our attention was arrested by
the most vibrant colors of nature, as we gazed on the
work of Mr. Radim Schreiber.

Radim is a masterful photographer who specializes in
captivating the beauty of God’s creation... particularly
“fireflies” in their natural habitations. His craft has
taken him all over the globe and his work is stunning!
However, Deb and I were equally impressed with
Radim as a person! He is very unassuming, humble
and kind. Now this is a quality that I and most of the
population need more of but for Radim, I think it
comes naturally and maybe it is because he is truly in
awe of the wonders of God’s creative handiwork!
Well, Radim helped us hang the art piece in the very
place, originally chosen for it and we couldn’t be more
pleased. We even bought a long wooden bench and
placed it on the opposite wall to sit and observe it, as
it has a peaceful & calming effect.

I asked Radim why he thought his body of work was
so impressive and to paraphrase his answer; he said
because it’s God’s nature & already beautiful and
he has given me the ability to see it, enjoy it and
capture it!

Todd & Deb Cormier

Oak Point, TX

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