Virtual Art Show - Oct 24th 2020

Hi everyone,

with most of this year's art shows cancelled, we've missed you. So we decided to host a virtual art show, which we'll be streaming live on YouTube from a booth on our property in Iowa on Saturday October 24th at 5PM Central Time. You can join in from this link on the date, and be sure to register on Facebook so you don't miss any announcements! Looking forward to seeing you.


I will be giving away three signed Firefly Experience books at the show. 🙏 You can win a book if you:
1) Share this Facebook post on your wall and comment on this post.
2) Register for the event here on Facebook.
3) Attend the live event on YouTube (see above) and post a comment on the live stream.


Artwork auction with all proceeds to firefly conservation. Showcase during the show:


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