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Firefly Glow


What you see on this page is unaltered footage of fireflies (lightning bugs) in their own natural environment. I will be adding more videos, so please come back.

NOTE! For optimal viewing, watch this video at night, with all lights turned off, in full screen mode and with sound turned on.

In this short movie, I tried to capture my feelings and experiences with fireflies in the woods near my house in Fairfield, Iowa. I wanted to document not only their beauty and magical glow, but also behavior in their natural environment. I have chosen not to do any digital manipulation to the video itself, so the footage came straight from the camera. This is not a time-lapse photography, but a real time footage of fireflies! Sit back relax and enjoy the summer magic.


Available in 1920x1080:

Fireflies in the News - Photography Competitions, Articles, Blogs, Publications, Books, Magazines

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All videos and photos of fireflies are copyrighted by Radim Schreiber, whose permission is required for any usage.

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Firefly Videos and Firefly Movies by Radim Schreiber includes footage of fireflies (lightning bugs), videos of Photonius Pyralis, fireflies (footage of lightning bugs); close-up videos of fireflies. Some videos feature fireflies in the grass or firefly on the stem of a grass. Glow worm movies from Elkmont, TN Smoky Mountains National Park. Chasing fireflies and capturing them in a jar to photograph them is something I don't practice. These are videos of lighting bugs and insect primarily from Midwest, Iowa, Pensylvannia, USA and united states. In coming years also from Japan, Thailand, Malaisia, Asia, Indonesia, Europe, America. Firefly Experience features High Definition stock footage of fireflies in 1080p, 4k, 720p, uncompressed and other formats such as ProRes, Cineform, RAW. These movies and videos can be provided upon request. All artwork is subject to artist's copyright. Future projects will include synchronous fireflies, giant firefly in the grass of Thailand, firefly festivals, Firefly Symposium and gatherings. The movies were recorded using latest camera technology.