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Firefly Experience Book ORDER BY DEC 15th, TO RECEIVE BY CHRISTMAS.

Firefly Experience Book is now available for purchase. All books are signed by the artist

$59.00 USD - Firefly Experience Book - Free Shipping in the USA
$98.00 USD - Firefly Experience Book - Includes International Shipping


Up-close and uniquely personal, like never seen before, this exquisite fine art book showcases the glowing beauty of fireflies, as seen through the lens of the award-winning nature photographer, Radim Schreiber. This is a collection of hauntingly beautiful photographic portraits of fireflies, lightning bugs, glow worms, and other bioluminescent creatures in their natural environment, captured in Iowa, the Smoky Mountains National Park, and other locations around the United States. Firefly Experience takes the viewer into mysterious realms, offering marvelous photography on every page. The images are accompanied with informative detail and personal anecdotes.

10" x 10" coffee-table photo book
Glow-in-the-Dark cover
108 pages plus introduction
108 firefly photographs


"The magic of fireflies shines out from every page of this breathtaking book."
- Sara Lewis, author of Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies

"With this photo book, Radim grasps the almost divine beauty of nature's living lights."
- Raphaël De Cock, Ph.D., AssociateFirefly Researcher at University of Antwerp & World Music artist, Belgium

Fireflies in the News - Photography Competitions, Articles, Blogs, Publications, Books, Magazines

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